You have been selected as a pledge, Shit-Stain.

Arrive at designated challenge location at 1845 on 24JUN2022.


Smoke the challenge cigar provided to you. You get 1 hour and 59 minutes to complete the cigar. Must be smoked to the finger tips. Only Founders decide when a cigar is completed.

You will be given two, and only two matches for the challenge. No personal sources of fire/combustion are allowed.

Cigar must remain lit the entire time.

Bring an offering to the founders and your matches *may* be upgraded.

You will be provided a beverage to accompany the challenge cigar. This is the only beverage you may consume during challenge night.

You must find a way to smoke through any weather related impacts.

Cheating or bending of the rules in any form will result in lifetime disqualification from membership.

Vomiting in the pool is instant disqualification.

Founders rulings are final.

Good luck, shit-stain.